Santri Civil Service Titled Tumenggung Surajaya

Tumenggung Surajaya is a title given by Sunan Giri IV, aka Sunan Prapen, to Rangga Hadi, known to the surrounding community as Mbah Lamong. The awarding of the title became a new round of changing the status of the Karanggaan region into a duchy, which is now known as Lamongan. The change of the ranggaan into a duchy gave sovereignty to fight in self-defence if attacked by foreigners at any time. Rangga Hadi, with the title Tumenggung Surajaya, became the first duke of the Lamongan region on May 26, 1569 or 10 Dzulhijjah 976 H.


In his infancy, Hadi was an intelligent figure. It can be seen that since adolescence, he has always come to intelligent people to learn and deepen his knowledge. His encounter with Sunan Prapen was like mineral water quenching thirst in drought. At first, Hadi did not intend to go to Giri Kedaton. He wants to go to the former central government area of Majapahit.


From his homeland, in the middle of the forest now known as Cancing, Sendangrejo Village, Ngimbang District, Hadi was determined to travel and leave his village for Trowulan to learn about the treasures of the former power and power of Majapahit. But on the way, Hadi met traders in Pamotan Village, now in Sambeng District. The traders turned out to be from Mapel (Gresik) along a river (Kali Lamong) which empties into Segara Madu.


The traders told Hadi that in Mapel, precisely in the hills of Giri, there was a guardian with extraordinary powers. Hearing the news, Hadi cancelled his intention to go to Trowulan and intended to study with Kanjeng Sunan Giri. With strong determination, Hadi walked step by step towards the Giri hills. Arriving in front of Kanjeng Sunan Giri, Hadi told the purpose and purpose of his arrival. Hadi was accepted as one of the students of Kanjeng Sunan Giri.


Hadi is an intelligent student. His determination to learn made Hadi quickly absorb and master the knowledge of Islam and other sciences taught by Sunan Giri, including government science. That's why Hadi became Sunan Giri's favourite and trusted student.


Based on historical records, Sunan Giri's territory during the Demak Kingdom included the Lamongan Keranggaan (Kranggan) area. When Demak was hit by civil war, Ario Penangsang was killed by Hadi Wijaya, aka Mas Karebet or Joko Tingkir. Mas Karebet was the son of Ki Ageng Pengging, a disciple of Sheikh Siti Jenar who was sentenced to death by Raden Patah for alleged rebellion.


Hadiwijaya then led the government with the title Sultan Hadiwijya and moved the centre of government to Pajang. Since then, Sultan Hadiwijaya has been known as the Sultan of Pajang. The relocation of the centre of government from Demak to Pajang turned out to have a negative effect in the future. The territories that were once under the auspices of Demak are now controlled by Sultan Hadiwijaya as the Sultan of Pajang became insecure from foreign invasions. The Spanish and Portuguese were mighty in the ocean, while Pajang was helpless. This threatened the north coast of East Java. Sunan Prapen did not want the port of Mapel controlled by colonialists.


Seeing this condition, Sunan Prapen worried that the absence of a strong government would interfere with his activities in spreading Islamic da'wah. To strengthen the Kasunanan Giri area in the west, Sunan Prapen sent Hadi to carry out duties in the area in question. Sunan Prapen gave the title Rangga to Hadi, known as Rangga Hadi.


Hadi left Kasunanan Giri along a river and landed in Pamotan. Then Hadi continued the journey until he reached Gondang and ended up in Kenduruan. From this place, Rangga Hadi carried out his duties. In carrying out his responsibilities while spreading Islamic da'wah, Rangga Hadi is very close to the people. People think that Rangga Hadi is very good at ngemong people, so that people give him the name Kyai Lamong or Mbah Lamong. The river that witnessed his journey was named Kali Lamong.


On the other hand, the Pajang Sultanate is getting weaker and weaker. The Pajang Sultanate could not stem the foreign invasion that had controlled the waters of the Java Sea. Seeing the alarming condition, Kasunan Giri upgraded the status of Kranggan Lamongan to a duchy. The hope is that Lamongan can defend itself if attacked by foreign invaders at any time.


Tumenggung Surajaya died in 1607 AD. He was buried in his territory as Tumenggung, so the area was called Tumenggungan, now the village's name. The name Surajaya is used as the name of the stadium of the headquarters of the PERSELA football club, nicknamed Laskar Joko Tingkir.


About People:

Sunan Prapen is the ancestor of the Nusantara Muslim scholar K.H. Ahmad Dahlan, who is from the maternal line. The educational reform movement was the first step in spreading the light of Muhammadiyah with its Al-Ma'un interpretation. Not without challenges, K. H. Ahmad Dahlan's preaching with violins, clothes and educational facilities in the style of colonialists was reviled by the surrounding Muslim community because it was considered to resemble infidels. The musholla where he taught and his expertise in falak received a strong response from the scholars', especially in terms of the direction of Qibla maybe because K. H. Ahmad Dahlan at that time was still relatively young. Undhur maa qaala wa laa tandhur man qaala.


Now Muhammadiyah is brilliant not only in the field of education management but also in the field of health. This is inseparable from the role of K. H. Ahmad Dahlan, who once joined Budi Utomo, a movement that tried to organize scholars in the archipelago and focus on health. Budi Utomo was initiated by Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo and driven by STOVIA (Colonial Health School) students, including Sutomo, Tjipto Mangunkusomo and Gunawan Mangunkusomo.


In addition, Suwardi Suryaningrat, aka Ki Hajar Dewantara, had also been a STOVIA student, but because he could not balance studying and organizing at Budi Utomo, Suwardi was sick and his college grades decreased. Eventually, his scholarship was revoked, and he did not graduate from STOVIA. During his illness, Suwardi was taken care of by his first brother. His father's distance and limitations in vision made his first brother, Suwardi Suryaningrat, a second father to him—a figure known as the Father of Education.


Meanwhile, Joko Tingkir sent K. H. Hasim Asy'ari from the mother's line, a hadith expert entitled Hadratussyaikh. Love of the homeland part of faith is his ijtihad, to fortify the people of the archipelago from the onslaught of foreign influences. The essence of love for the homeland is in the form of a jihad revolution commemorated as Santri Day on October 22. The Jihad Revolution was the answer of K. H. Hasyim Asy'ari at the request of President Sukarno, answering the injunction of the allies in Surabaya in the battle of November 10. He is now remembered as Heroes' Day, commemorating the movement of Hezbollah Warriors students against the allies. Rawe-rawe rantas, poor putung. It is better to die on the ground than to live colonized. It is better to continue learning to correct one's imperfections, than to live in perfect imitation of others.


Lamongan, as a guardian city, has a variety of regional cultures. Sunan Drajad, the biological son of Sunan Ampel and the younger brother of Sunan Bonang, preached using art, composed several songs in the middle of macapat pangkur, played puppets and left a set of gamelan called Singo Mengkok as well as seven philosophies as people that are used as a foothold in everyday life.


The character of the wanderer in ngelmu that Ranggahadi or Mbah Lamong did in his youth inspired and became a characteristic of the character of the Lamongan people. Gajah Mada, with his fasting known as Sumpah Palapa, was also born in Lamongan, although long before this region was called Lamongan. 



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