Religious Reading and the Future of Books

He is the best lover, gives color to dreams, and invites every soul to wander in the wilderness of majesty. He is the best friend, lined up neatly in the line of civilization's rhymes. Ignoring it is a disaster, but paying attention to it is a trust. So it's not an exaggeration if Hatta is willing to go to prison as long as he has a book, because with a book he becomes free.


Freedom of thought and movement is essential to giving meaning to life. But among the most important things in human social life is that what is most worthy of love is love itself, and what is most worthy of enmity is itself enmity. In reality, not a few humans are excessively loving and fanatically hating. One of the victims is a book.


Recorded in the history of human civilization is the mass destruction of books. The world witnessed how the Ilkhanate troops led by Hulagu Khan burned down the Baghdad library. Meanwhile in China, the massacre of scholars and book burning during the Qin Dynasty Destruction of Maya codices by Spanish conquistadors and priests Nazi book burning, Alexandria, and Sarajevo libraries Luckily, in the archipelago, hatred did not lead to the tragedy of destroying manuscripts because the British and Dutch soldiers only looted them to bring them back to their countries.


On the other hand, the world continues to produce scholars by producing various books and millions of scientific works. That love and persistence are eternal in human memory. A linguist from Morocco named Imam Shanhaji or Ibnu Ajurum, the author of Matan Jurumiyyah, threw his work into the sea before it was disseminated and benefited mankind. Then Sheikh Zarruq, the author of Al-Hikam Syarah by Ibn Athaillah as-Sakandary, appeared. Every time I finish writing about Al-Hikam, it is always stolen by people until it is repeated 17 times with different contents. And the Syarah that is still intact today is the 17th work. While in Indonesia, K. H. Maksum bin Ali wrote the book Amtsilatut Tashrifiyyah with a special tirakat. Grammar books written by astronomers are a contribution to linguistics.


There are still many interesting stories about books as the fruit of a love for science. Among the books that have been created and spread throughout the world, the holy book is the most popular book that inspires life. Various methods are used to perpetuate God's messages conveyed by His apostles. The media for delivering these messages continues to transform, starting from stone, leather, leaves, and paper to digital technology.


The holy book as a guidebook in religion has a great influence on human life. The work of writing a book cannot be separated from the message in the scriptures to continue reading. Hinduism in Bhagavad Gita XVIII: 70: He who always reads this sacred conversation (Bhagavad Gita), I consider him to worship Me in the form of Yadnya with knowledge. While Islam is in the Al-Quran, Surah Al-Alaq, iqra bismirabbikalladzi kholaq, read it in the name of your Lord, who created. Then Buddhists read themselves by doing good to anyone and anything, while Confucians read and remembered the merits of their ancestors. Isa al-Masih read wisdom by traveling, while Javanese tradition always reads the surrounding environment by being literate or sleeping less.


Books are a medium for human connection with the past to survive in the future. Reading is the key to unlocking God's secrets that are still stored in nature. So everyone's job is to learn how to care for books and increase creativity in reading as an important part of the process of living.


The reading command is a religious message as an implementation of belief in the One and Only God. Take care of the book and the wisdom stored in it by not marking it, either with highlighters, underlines, folds, or other signs to mark a sentence that is inspirational and considered important. Such an act can be justified if the book is privately owned, but if it is public property, the act violates rights because it is very disturbing. Let's make ourselves and our surroundings aware as early as possible that we love books and should take care of them by not hurting them. Building a complete and uncracked civilization by reading Take care of common sense in the face of reality.

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