Collaborative Community Empowerment to Optimize the Implementation of Self-Sufficient Community Initiatives

Community empowerment collaboration is carried out by optimizing community self-help mobilization. This article aims to analyze the process of collaboration in community empowerment by increasing the capacity and synergy of Community Self-Help Mobilization (PSM). PSM has the duty and function of carrying out community empowerment through mobilizing community self-help by conducting counseling, training, and mentoring. This research method uses a descriptive qualitative approach using data from observations, interviews, FGDs, and documentation. The results of this study found that the collaboration process in community empowerment has not been fully running well. Engagement, shared motivation, and capacity for joint action need to be followed by collaborative actions that have far-reaching and sustainable impacts. Optimizing the role of Community Self-Help Mobilizers is carried out by compiling regulations on Ministerial Regulations on Community Self-Help Mobilization, developing a Management Information System for 'immobilizers', and the International Conference on Community Empowerment. Read Full text

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