Vision of Cakrawarti Kebo Iwa in a World View: Comparative Literature Study of Kakawin Kebo Tarunantaka and Kakawin Gadjah Mada

Kebo Iwa is one of the proud figures of the Balinese people. A Half-light human whose birth is full of mystery. A regent of the Royal Bedahulu who is powerful and commanding. He is a figure who trembles his opponents and makes the kingdom safe in his time of service. This article is intended to reveal the world view of the figure of Kebo Iwa and his strategy in capturing Gadjah Mada. The method used is philological theory and comparative literary with critical-descriptive analysis. The data source are based on Kakawin Kebo Tarunantaka and Kakawin Gadjah Mada. This result of the study that Kebo Iwa’s defeat was not his weakness, but the strengths that made him a hero. Cakrawarti Kebo Iwa’s vision brings peace, making Bali famous throughout the world. Cakrawarti’s vision is needed by every leader. Glory does not always come from victory, but also from loss with visionary view that brought the glory of the next generation. Unduh

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