Representation of Nationalism in Love and Future Goal: A Semiotic Analysis of John Fiske in the Film of Habibie & Ainun 3

Habibie and Ainun 3 is film that aired after Habibie’s death. Unlike the previous two films, this third film shows Habibie’s grandchildren listening to the inspirational story of Habibie & Ainun’s journey. This article discusses the film Habibie & Ainun 3 in their struggle to realize their goals. The third film, which tells the life story of Habibie & Ainun, focuses on how to maintain love in realizing ideals as a way to build the nation and country.

Habibie & Ainun’s meeting was based on each other’s admiration for the principle of love for the country. Therefore, researchers are interested in analyzing the representation of nationalism that Habibie & Ainun have as spirits in their educational journey to realize their dreams. This research uses descriptive method with semiotic analysis. The sign that represents nationalism in this film is an object in John Fiske’s semiotic analysis with The Codes of Television theory. 

Data collection techniques in this study were sign analysis and literature study. The result of this research is that the ideology of nationalism that is owned by Habibie & Ainun is represented by speaking, behaving and acting. In the learning process, increasing competence is directly proportional to the spirit of nationalism, serving the country. Unduh

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