Islam to the world

What do you say about Islam to the world?
Islam is save religion. Islam is religion that believe one God, Allah. Islam is biggest religion in the world. Islam mean surrender self all to Allah. Adheren of Islam namely Muslim. Islam teach that Allah go down his say to human through last prophet that delegated to the world. That means, Islam acceptance from and surrender self to God. The follower must indicate it with worship God, grant the command and shud politeism.

Fundamental credibility of Islam can find two sentence testimony. Asyhadu an-laa ilaaha illallaah, wa asyhadu anna muhammadan rasuulullaah. Means, I believe that no God except Allah and I believe that Muhammad SAW messenger of Allah. Islam religion believe that Al-Qur’an and Hadis as source law and regulation of life. Muslim not opinion Muhammad as founding father new religion, but as continues and newer credibility of monotheism that go down to Ibrahim, Musa, and Isa. Islam explain that Yahudi and Christian after passing the mesenger already change text in holly book with false explanation. Islam give many activity of religion. The follower must do five foundation of Islam that is testimony, pray, tithe, fasting and go to Ka’bah.

Islam is peace religion. Islam is not terorism religion or religion that identic with bomb and gun. It’s false. Islam is religion not duress. Islam is mercy to the world, bring light as guidance for human. Islam is universal religion, flexible toword many culture in the world. Sometimes we say different between activity Muslim. It’s no problem but we must know what the esensi from that activity. Religion make culture and culture also that guard religion. More important we must save every different and not become reason do violence and mocking the other. We must remember, religion brings us save from false, but how many false that we do because religion. Not important what the religion or organisation, if you do the best to all people, they never question what your religion. We must save our attitude and what we say to not hurt other people.

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