Trinil: Restore My Body (2024) Film Review

Film               : Trinil, Kembalikan Tubuhku (2024)

Sutradara      : Hanung Bramantyo

Cast               :

  • Carmela van der Kruk as Rara
  • Rangga Nattra as Sutan
  • Dimas Aditya as Anton
  • Wulan Guritno as Ndoro Ayu

Genre          : Horror

Duration.     : 1 hour 41 minutes

Synopsis     :

Rara and Sutan, a newlywed couple, inherited a tea plantation in Central Java owned by Rara's father. There, Rara begins to experience mystical events and nightmares about the ghost of Kuyang. My terror intensified and threatened Rara's safety. Rara was assisted by Sutan and Anton, her best friend, trying to find out the origin of Kuyang's terror and how to overcome it.

This film raises the theme of karma and the consequences of past actions. Ndoro Ayu, the former owner of a tea plantation, was sentenced to become a kuyang for his greed and cruelty. Rara's terror is a consequence of Ndoro Ayu's past sins.

The film incorporates elements of Javanese culture, such as traditional rituals and mystical beliefs about kuyang. This adds authentic value to the film and gives a thicker horror feel. The film ends in a reasonably open way, allowing for future sequels. The sequel can explore Kuyang's origins more profoundly and how Rara solved her problems.

The sequel can tell about Kuyang's origins and how Ndoro Ayu became the ghost. This can provide a more in-depth explanation of Kuyang's motives and powers. The sequel can follow Rara's journey to find a solution to solve her problem with Kuyang. Rara may need to find magical artefacts or help from knowledgeable people about buying. 

Sequels can present a more significant conflict involving more characters and horror elements. Kuyang may not only terrorize Rara but also the people around him. Sequels can present unexpected twists, such as my true identity or his relationship with Rara. This can make the story more exciting and suspenseful. The sequel is expected to provide a more satisfying ending than the first film. The audience wants to see how Rara solves her problems and if Kuyang can be defeated.

Advantage    :

·       The horror atmosphere is quite tense, especially in the night scenes on the tea plantation.

·       Sufficient visual effects to bring out Kuyang's terrifying figure.

·       Carmela van der Kru's acting as a frightened and depressed Rara is convincing.

·       There is a moral message about karma and the consequences of past actions.

Lack       :

  • It is a storyline that seems rushed and poorly explored in depth. The storyline must be slowed down and explored more deeply so the audience can better understand the characters and their conflicts.
  • Some plot holes that make the audience wonder need to be improved to make the story more logical and coherent.
  • Excessive jumpscares that seem less effective need to be reduced and replaced with more creative tension-building techniques.


The film Trinil: Restore My Body offers a horror experience that is quite entertaining, with a tense atmosphere and adequate visual effects. However, the rushed storyline and several plot holes make this film less memorable. For Indonesian horror film lovers who want to experience the sensation of classic horror with a modern touch, Trinil: Restore My Body can be an option.

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